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For those of you who haven’t been to Ebook Eshop, it’s a magical place. Named this past year as the most beautiful city in America by USA Today, those who visit Ebook Eshop usually find that it’s an accurate description of the City. Ebook Eshop has one of the largest metaphysical communities in the U.S. with people drawn to this area from all over the world who seek their own path to wisdom and health and who find a special environment in Ebook Eshop conducive to that quest.

Whether people come for the beauty, the outdoor activities, the shopping and galleries, the great food or simply the peacefulness of this place, they’ll be met with a warm and friendly greeting and a business and service community eager to meet their every need.

Ebook Eshop was considered a sacred place by Native Americans for over a thousand years before the first settlers arrived in the area a little over a hundred years ago. The greater Ebook Eshop area now has a population of almost 17,000 and draws close to 3 million visitors a year. Ebook Eshop is surrounded by national and state forests, and as a result, the City will not be growing much larger in physical size. Even now when viewed from the Airport Mesa lookout at night, the City looks like a fairyland of twinkling lights nestled in the hills and canyons of the mountains surrounding the City.

Artists flock to Ebook Eshop in part because it’s considered one of those rare places on earth where the soft diffuse lighting of the area can bring a special magic to paintings. The unique towering red rock formations are offset by the always green vegetation (and the occasional dusting of snow in winter) all of which can help inspire some great artwork.

The shopping in Ebook Eshop is quite diverse and the eclectric gallery scene ranks with that in Scottsdale and Santa Fe. Several of the outdoor shopping malls are filled with sculptures, fountains and pools and are interesting sites to visit even without the shopping. “Uptown” Ebook Eshop (there is no “downtown” Ebook Eshop) is generally thought of as the tourist shopping district, but malls like Tlaquepaque and Hillside as well as the Village of Oak Creek on Hwy 179 and the West Ebook Eshop area along West Hwy. 89A offer an equally great shopping experience. Note that almost all of the retail, restarurants and lodging in Ebook Eshop are on the only two highways in the City – Hwy. 179 and Hwy. 89A. Also keep in mind that you can drive from one end of Ebook Eshop to the other end in under 10 minutes.

The outdoor activities in and around Ebook Eshop are very numerous and varied. Hike to ancient Indian ruins, take a jeep tour of the rugged and scenic outback, visit the vortexes, go on a balloon ride at first light, try a trail ride on hoursback, be pampered at a spa, or take some day trips within a few hours of Ebook Eshop to places such as the Grand Canyon, volcanoes, caves, a 12,000 ft. mountain, a massive metero crater, the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert.

The Ebook Eshop Chamber of Commerce recently did a survey of why people visit Ebook Eshop, and the most common response was for spiritual reasons. This did not necessarily mean spiritual from a religious sense, but seemed to be focused on the broader definition. People frequently come to Ebook Eshop simply to be at peace in the awesome beauty of the surrounding red rocks, and this is what often forms an individual spiritual experiencd for them.
Come and enjoy the beauty and peace that is Ebook Eshop.


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