Below are answers to some questions that we have been asked. If you have any other queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Q: If the ebooks are so good, why are they so cheap?

A: We have paid far more than $29 for the ebooks ourselves. At retail they are worth about $600. We can sell them on for much less because we have the resale rights and there are no production or delivery costs. We also offer extra services, such as web promotion and hosting. We hope some of your customers will see this in the members area and purchase other services from us. This is what makes this business partnership perfect. The more we help you with your business, the more potential clients we could gain.

Q: Is this a global business?

A: Definitely global. The ebooks have been sourced from all over the world, and our collection is being resold by people in Australia, Canada, US and the UK to name a few.

Q: If I decide to sell the ebooks myself, how do I get visitors to my site?

A: If you have your own web site, you will already have found ways of promoting it. If not, we reveal several traffic building secrets within the members area to get your new business up and running as quickly as possible. But by far the best way to promote your business is to read the ebooks in the collection. You will find a mine of marketing information including placing ads on classified sites, how market your site effectively using email tactics, and how to get listed on search engines.

Q: What do I need to get started?

A: A PC, an internet connection and $29 gets you a copy of this site and our ebooks collection downloaded on to your PC, with resale rights. The worst that can happen is that you read the ebooks that interest you and learn some valuable insights into internet business. But since there are people out there who want access to the kind of information you now own, why not use it to make money? After the first sale, every sale is 100% profit.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: $29 for the ebooks and a copy of this site.

Q: Do I need to build a web page?

A: No, we can take you step by step through the process of copying this site and customising templates with your details. We will show you how to accept credit cards from the site, help you sign up, and then modify the site for you if you wish. This is a free service as long as you host the pages with us. If you’re interested in learning about web design you can download a free trial of our HTML tutorial program that will teach you how to build and modify your own web sites. This is all in the members area.

Q: Can I resell the ebooks anywhere?

A: Yes, once you have access to the ebook collection, feel free to do whatever you want with them. We would recommend reading the Internet marketing ebooks as they will be of the greatest value when promoting your web sites. A good place to sell them is on auction sites like eBay and Yahoo. (We highly recommend reading eBay Extreme for tips on maximising auction sales).

Q: My web space is limited. How can I sell the ebooks?

A: There are several ways. The first (and easiest) is to promote your copy of this web site. The links at the back end will redirect to our servers so that we can maintain the ebook list for you. This way you only need about 1MB web space. If you want to host your own “mini sites” (the templates that come as part of the package), you can simply email the customer the ebook they have purchased. This is not as nice as an immediate download, but will work. We can provide hosting services if you wish.

Q: What is the worst that can happen?

A: You will have spent $29 on acquiring a huge amount of fascinating business information relating to the internet and done nothing with it.

Q: What is the best that can happen?

A: You run a home-based internet business that adds several thousands of dollars to your annual income with very little input from yourself.

Q: Can I run this business from home?

A: Of course. The beauty of ebooks is that you can store them on your computer or on your web space for electronic delivery to your customers. You will not need a spare room full of stock, and you will not need to worry about couriers delivering your orders. With the automated ordering system that we have used, running this business will not even interfere with your current employment.

Q: How much money can I earn?

A: As much as you want! Almost everyone in the world wants to know how they can make some extra money, and almost everyone has access to the internet. Remember the internet was known originally as the “Information Superhighway” because it helped people find the information they wanted. By running an ebooks business, you are simply fulfilling a need that literally millions of people want. Because this business is electronic, you can sell to anyone in the world with an internet connection and a computer. You do the maths!