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Make huge profits from your internet connection and these hot selling ebooks
Set up your own home internet business
No start-up capital, no stock, no web expertise needed
Sell the ebooks individually or as an entire collection
You get all the web sites you need…. including a copy of this one

Electronic books (or ebooks as they are called) are, simply, books written as one computer document in a format accessible to virtually any PC.

Most ebooks deal with subjects relevant to the internet: titles such as Instant Internet Empires, Free to Sell, Automatic Money Machine and Killer Mini Sites (current best-selling titles in our collection) offer valuable information on topics such as making money online, accessing free software, promoting products online, creating web sites and internet marketing.

They have the advantage over printed books in that they are always up to date and they require no storage. No production or delivery charges mean they are low-cost and they sell really well all across the internet, where they are the inspiration for a host of online entrepreneurs.

People all over the world make thousands of dollars annually out of ebooks by buying them with resale rights. It’s a popular business opportunity because you can operate it from home and, once set up, it takes virtually no effort to run.

You can set up this kind of internet home business, using just your PC and your internet connection. You can buy our specially selected collection of ebooks for $29. Once you have placed your order, you can instantly download our entire collection to your PC.

You can read the ones that interest you and benefit from that information. Then you can make a copy of this site (it’s very easy to do, we take you through step by step) and put it online under your own web address, and sell the ebooks over and over again at 100% profit. Or you can use your own web site, and either send the ebooks to your customers by email or let them download them from your site.

If you want to, you can sell the ebooks individually on auction sites such as eBay and Yahoo and on classified ad sites around the world. There are at least 60 popular ebooks and software packages in the collection (we are always adding to it when we find good deals). They regularly sell for at least $5 each.

Even if you only get one customer for the collection, you’ve covered your initial outlay. But it’s more likely that you will have set up an internet business that:

• Requires very little start-up capital ($29)
• Is quickly and easily launched
• Generates income while you are busy or even asleep!
• Targets global markets
• Needs no stock

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